Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guys/Girls, brainstorm with me on anything that will take away garlic breath?

I had the badluck of eating a grilled sandwich that had both garlic and onion on the night of my first date with this hot guy.

Now I'm stuck in my bathroom, brushing my teeth and still I don't feel like I have a fresh breath. I'm stressing out, Help!

Guys/Girls, brainstorm with me on anything that will take away garlic breath?

I know this may sound absurd, but my grandmother believed in old fashioned remedies and this one works!!! trust me. You know when you go to restaurants and they garnish their plates (sometimes) with parsley??? Well some do it for garnish reasons alone, but long ago this tradition started to refresh your breathe after meals. So when you are done eating your meal...crazy as it sounds chew on some parsley and you will have fresh breathe!!!
Reply:grab an apple and some mints! and if you guys go out to dinner try ordering something with garlic in it and then suggests that he tries the same dish (hamburger whatever) with enough onion or garlic on it! and then make a joke about it afterwards. . .
Reply:Chew parsley - you know the herb? It might taste disgusting but it works!
Reply:chew some parsley, it may taste a bit bad but you do have a choice between that or fresh mint leaves. this works, When i was in Cebu Phils, I stayed in a seminary, they do have mint plant and after i smoke, i chew some and rub some in my hands, it works the priest did not notice that i smoke even if i come very near him.

Tooth Ache

Of all the CALAMITIES!!!!?

1) Drew blood while drawing the curtains

2)Grilled my hand to a tender golden brown while making toast

3)Cut my hand..........With a DAGGER

4)Tried making a sandwich, ended up making a HANDWICH

5)Got into the car, ended up driving myself up th wall

6)Stopped at a cafe for a bite to eat., ended up taking a bite out of myself(false teeth in backwards)

7)Went to help an old fart, been pooting all day cause he gave me a farting disease

8)Went to a gymnastics session, athletically jumped over the cliff of INSANITY

9)Was meeting friends. got lost and somehow ended up on the set of LOST.

10) Was meeting the man of my dreams.......

THEN I WOKE UP!!!!!!!!!

Star if funny. lol

Of all the CALAMITIES!!!!?
Babe! hell that's me..aha! Ive backed into a wall...When i was a learner driver i bumped a road worker up the ***, he flew in the whole he was looking at...This is true, I'm a real calamity Ive bit my self by accident,made my gum bleed, Ive lost my baby brother,at the maul in Detroit, yup! it sounds like me....
Reply:well you better get a good position before you go to bed...

waking up on the wrong side gives you the CALAMITIES. *smiles*

you keep making me laugh

this time it was a 'giggle'
Reply:great :)

just like all of your posts

keep'em coming
Reply:Have a star. That was so funny. Thanks for the laugh. lol
Reply:lol sounds like a bad day to me , have a star, keep posting
Reply:not bad, not bad at all

its star time
Reply:hahahahahahaa nice one!!!
Reply:Sounds atypical day that!

Can puppies eat regular meat?

I have an 8 week old chihuahua and she's eating some dry food. She doesn't really like it when I moisten it, so I have to leave it a bit crunchy which I hope doesn't hurt her teeth.

Anyway, yesterday after I gave her her food bowl, my bf and I were fixing tacos and a small piece of grilled steak fell on the floor. My puppy ate that thing so fast, which kinda made me worry, but at least it was small and didn't have seasoning in it. She really seemed to enjoy it and behaved much happier later, didn't seem to hurt her stomach, and slept more peacefully I noticed (could all that be from one piece of meat?!)

So what I'd like to know is if puppies can eat small portions of regular meat? Is any type of wet food okay (I read that canned wet food is not good, but I'm not familiar with this)?

Thanks for your advice!

Can puppies eat regular meat?
Absolutely puppies can eat meat. I would be disciplined with what you give. The 'dropped' food would be a nice treat. Just be a firm enough owner to not give treats of what your eating or you could create a monster who begs. Be a good pet owner and train your puppy to know who is the alpha dog.

Now on the other hand, you can cook unseasoned ground beef and mix with rice and French cut green beans and feed a small bit to your pup for one of his meals. This quite nutritional and a nice change for your dog. We have a chichuahua as well and he gets 1/4 cut every evening. But morning and afternoon he get 1/2 cup dry dog chow. (Puppy Chow when he was a puppy.) Our vet suggests this mixture for puppies when their moms won't nurse and they need good food early.

(one last thought on the meat being good for puppies....they did not have commercial dog foot a hundred years ago. They didn't even have it when my dad was a kid back in the 30's. They ate the scraps from the family's table. Dogs were not always domesticated. They hunted for food. And I'm pretty certain they didn't hunt for tomatoes and carrots in the garden! If you get my drift!)
Reply:yes its good for them even though its not dog food....its better to feed them regualr food than dog food.........
Reply:puppies really shouldnt be fed people food.. it makes them beg for food and you will never get them to stop....but i think the puppy will be okay after this one time...just dont let him eat it as a normal meal
Reply:Absolutely, puppies can eat meat. Dry food is good for them also. Have you thought about a raw diet?
Reply:Dogs have evolved to eat meat. Once they are off mother's milk they are perfectly suited to eat meat. You should teach your dog to NEVER grab and eat food you have dropped. Your dog should only eat something you gve it permission to eat.
Reply:Yes, they can have meat. I'm not too sure what you mean by "regular". But you can feed them raw meat or cooked meat. I prefer to feed mine cooked, although they do get their share of raw. Crunchy food is good for their teeth. Especially small breeds. They are prone to bad teeth and it helps keep the tartar in control. ☺
Reply:meat as part of your puppies diet is good but not as table scraps. Wet food is good for puppies since puppies eat alot when they are young and need it to grow. But not too much wet food as it can make you dog fat.

Veggies are good also. MOst dogs love veggies and some don't. I would wait on hard veggies until your puppies teeth get stronger to where she eats crunchy dry food with out it being a little moist.

i hope this helps!
Reply:yes your puppy can actually eat regular meat. Beef, chicken and fish are best. i would try to stay away from pork, most dogs have a hard time digesting it expecially if it is fatty.

Yes the little piece of meat can actually change your dogs behaviour to the best. the reasong behind this is because dogs are naturally carnivour. which means they are natural meat eaters. If you keep the meat intake small you shouldnt have any problems with its weight.

hope this helps
Reply:You can get really good dog nutrition info from this website.

Vets are only give about a 30 min. lecture on dog nutrition paid for by the big dog food companies. This means they learn to promote certain brands of kibble... Dogs are carnivores and are very, very close DNA-wise to Wolves... They need a species appropriate diet of raw meat, raw meaty bones, with a small amount of organ meat (liver, kidney, spleen, etc.)

Here are some good sites to get you started. (read the 2 books here by Tom Lonsdale DVM)

Heres 25 reasons why id make a good boyfriend for you! anyone interested.?

1 i have a job (30k)

2 i like puppies

3 puppies like me also

4 im not too unattractive

5 i open doors for you

6 i would never hurt you (intentionally)

7 if you hurt me (unintentionally), i would still love you

8 i lilke to sleep in (with you)

9 i like to get up early too! (with you)

10 ill let you pick the movie 51% of the time

11 if you cook me food ill eat it all

12 i shower at least once per day

13 i still have all my teeth

14 the closest ive been to jail was to visit my uncle once

15 im loyal to a fault

16 i am single :)

17 i have a car

18 i love my family and would do anything for them

19 i give money to homeless people

20 no one hates me (i hope)

21 u would come before football, basketball, hockey (not sure

about baseball)

22 i stop for old people in crosswalks

23 im happy (99% of the time)

24 i can cook grilled cheese, mac and cheese, eggs, and

instant soup.

25 Id take you out to eat so you wouldnt have to eat this stuff

all the time

Heres 25 reasons why id make a good boyfriend for you! anyone interested.?
I have a boyfriend but I would take you as my Friend if you're interested to chat with someone so far from you!!!
Reply:lol i stop for all ppl at crosswalks not just old ones usually i run them over because they take to long to get across the dam road
Reply:where do you live? LOL
Reply:That would be nice. Actually all 25 things is something a girl looks for in a mate. *sigh* I like baseball, sometimes...

And if you're near Minnesota...
Reply:LOL that's cute. But I think I need to give you some cooking lessons! You never mentioned how tall you are or if you have good breath... those are important factors to a woman!
Reply:Do you like cats and 24? you must have a girlfriend.
Reply:If I was single I would find out where you lived and make a point to meet you. You sound wonderful. I only wish I knew a girl that was looking for a guy. Send me your email address and the state you live in, I just may be able to find a nice girl for you. My daughters are both taken , but they have really cute girlfriends. sorry.............
Reply:Whoa! very interesting, Are you really desperate to find a girlfriend ?
Reply:very interesting ! u can easily attract a gal.

but u hvn't tel about ur gal frnds. i mean how many gal frnds do u hv? if that was in the top 5 i might hv choose u !!!!!!!

coz i hate flirting!
Reply:ok .ur 25 reason are solid!!!......looking forward to u....
Reply:lol pick meeeeeeee =D

New Dream Question!?

I think I have an idea of what this is about but here goes...

I'm living somewhere with a bunch of people, like I'm away at college or something. There are a group of boys there that get girls alone somehow and then rape them. I end up witnessing one of these attacks and am so frightened by what I see that I just freeze behind a wall, unable to call for help or try to fight off this predator. I don't seem to have a weapon or phone anyway. The attacker seems to turn into a demon and vampire all at once. He bears his teeth and disappears into the victims neck but only comes out with a smudge of red by his lip, as if he picked a scab on his face and then tried to wipe away the blood. That's all he does. He leaves her there on the floor, hardly worse for the wear physically but I'm sure emotionally she is very damaged. The scene changes and I am in a class where the teacher is asking if anyone knows anything about the attack. For some reason she starts grilling me...

New Dream Question!?
maybe you are feeling somewhat vulnerable in some area of your daily life. This dream arises because in some way you are repressing, in conflict with, or frightened off your own emotions, sexuality or anger. Occasionally the fear is about your own potential or expanded awareness. Also, fears and hurts from your childhood sometimes take this form in a dream.
Reply:In dreams,weather you see yourself or someone else they are about you!So yes I think you are right,you need to do some searching to find what is bothering you.It may be something traumatic that you don't want to remember.You may need counseling to help you.Please seek help soon.Good luck
Reply:If you have experience "being attacked", yes this dream basically reflects on your experience, experience of fear and tormented past. Eventhough you dreamed as witness, you projected the victims as the mirror image of yourself. In other words, you pulled yourself out of the bad experience and tried to relive and this time subconsciously you wanted to be safe so you acted out as witness.
Reply:To see a rape being committed in your dream, denotes sexual dysfunction or uncertainty. To dream that you have been raped suggests a sadistic expression of sexual desire. You may be expressing an unconscience desire to be violated, conquered, or forced into forbidden territory. Some women have a desire to be over powered, but not hurt. It also indicates vengeful feelings towards the opposite sex. It suggests you are being violated in some way. Something or someone is jeopardizing your self esteem and emotional well being. You feel that some one or something is being forced upon you. Dreams of rape are also common for those who were actually raped in their walking life.

Electric Scooter

Why is it that most men can't?

Why can't most men can't cook in a kitchen but give them a grill and they will cook anything? Why is it most men don't know how to put a roll of toilet paper on the roll (if they get a roll out they put it on the sink or back of the toilet? My husband thinks I'm weird for brushing my teeth in the shower yet he pees in the shower. Yuck

Why is it that most men can't?
Why can't some women stop thinking, looking, percieving everything a man does as negative....

Why do women want to be men so badly that they turn their envy into a negative outlook at what they can never be?

FYI, many women pee in the shower too, and many women can NOT cook [either on the grill or stove]

Try this, why can women change their own oil in their cars? Probable answer is [because they can get someone else to do it for them] same answer applies to putting toilet paper on the roll or putting down a toilet seat.

Get over it....
Reply:ha cuz men are lazy.

i brush my teeth in the shower're not weird.
Reply:because most grills are outside and they will not have to be next to you/women

IT is his only quite time
Reply:Cooking on a grill is seen as masculine thanks to advertising.

Why bother putting a roll of toilet paper on when they know you will come behind them and do it?

As for brushing your teeth in the shower or peeing in it, that is nasty!
Reply:I love cooking in the Kitchen as does Wolfgang Puck, Emeril, and Chef Ramsey... roll of toilet paper is because we are more effecient than women it is much easier to reach and tear when it is on the back of the toilet than when it is on the roll, besides you all use it more than us. As for peeing in the shower... no I cannot say I do this or brush my teeth in it.
Reply:Not sure what type of man you've got, but everytime I read a question like yours, makes me more grateful for the one I have. He cooks, cleans, takes out the trash, helps make the bed, does not look down at me, takes me out on regular dates, buys me flowers and all this for no reason and I don't have to ask him to do any of it. I could go on but I think you've all got the idea that my guy may not be perfect to all, but to me he is. And that's all that counts.
Reply:I must be lucky then cause my huband is a great cook in the kitchen and he puts the toilet paper on the roll cause I am usually the one who doesn' We always shower together and found it funny when we learned the other has aways peed in the So we just pee together while brushing our teeth in the shower.
Reply:Most men won't do any of those things because they've always had Mommy or Wifey to do it for them.
Reply:I dont know what men you know but the men I know are the best cooks, grill or not, I have yet come across! Dam! I even was considering marrying one cuz he cooked so dam good.LOL

P.S. the pee kills fungis on the feet LOL
Reply:I'm not sure how to answer your questions. My husband and many men I know cook very well in the kitchen. They also put a roll of toilet paper on the roller and it doesn't matter which way it is as long as you can get toilet paper when you need it.

Also most men I know brush their teeth at the sink. I don't know who pees in the shower unless it's an emergency, which I believe everyone is guilty of that one. But then again, I don't ask men if they pee in the shower. My husband does not pee in the shower. Also I think it's weird to brush your teeth in the shower, but I know many people who do this. I think it's gross.

Does anyone know how to get the crackle on roast pork, crunchy. Mine has just turned out rock hard.?

I removed the crackle from the pork and, with sea salt sprinkled on it, cooked it in the convection oven on high. When I noticed some bits that were smaller getting too hard, I put the other piece in the sandwich grill. This worked better but I want it to be crunchy but easy to eat. No broken teeth. The roast by the way is in the slow cooker.

Does anyone know how to get the crackle on roast pork, crunchy. Mine has just turned out rock hard.?
Leave it on the roast and add the salt later (if you must add salt).
Reply:leave it in the oven and keep checking on it,once it reaches that certain stage you like then take it out. hubby makes it all the time.
Reply:drizzle the pork with oil when you first put the pork in.

drizzle again about 1/2 way through cooking.

take the rind off and leave to stand for a few minutes.

if its not crunchy try blanching it in a deep fat fryer after that
Reply:try this: before roasting, boil pork in pot 'til skin is soft enough to be pinched with fingernails. spices maybe added during boiling but no sugars or soy sauce maybe used. cool down with tap water and put inside chiller for 2 hours or in freezer for 45 minutes before roasting. don't employ slow cooking.

acne scar
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