Monday, November 16, 2009

Why do alot of black men think its cool to wear a "grill"?

Who here finds shiny gold teeth attractive? Not me, thats for sure. I have always wondered why some black men find grills appealing, I even ask a few black guys.

"It looks cool and women love it."

"I just do it"

Why? Then again its not as unattractive as tobbaco stained teeth or people who are messing numberous teeth 5+

Why do alot of black men think its cool to wear a "grill"?
i dont, cause when they do, its to bright. people dont know how to stick to one or two which are fine but they gotta get they whole mouth did. which is not cool to me. I think its another way to show people you got money when in actual reality your wasteing money.
Reply:Well I go to an HBCU and I haven't(yet) seen anyone with a grill(fake or not)
Reply:Stop looking at music videos. I havent seen one dude at my school with a freakin grill on......
Reply:i just think you're wasting money buying a grill
Reply:i dont!! they are so ugly!!! its a way to show off all their money that they waste
Reply:The King of Grillz is a white man.

So much for stereotypes.
Reply:Its a trend like emos like to cut and they like to wear grills.
Reply:No no no! Grills on anybody is NOT attractive! Not at all!

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